Garmen Hills: Journées Portes Ouvertes

Garmen Hills will regularly propose cultural and musical events.

In partnership with the ASTRY gallery (, based in Sofia we have planned  the first three events:


1 – Between the 1st and 07th of April 2019: « Plein-Air »

the painters Petia DENEVA, Teodora DONCHEVA, Lyuben GENOV, Ivan KANEV, Maria RAYCHEVA and Vassil VALEV will be present at Garmen Hills and will produce works according to their current inspiration.
It will be possible to meet the artists on site all week and watch them perform their works.

On Saturday April 6th, Garmen Hills will organize an exhibition of the works made during the week as well as other works of the artists present.
This exhibition will be open to the public all day (10am to 10pm).

Part of the exhibition will remain on site for several weeks.

(You can consult the links below to discover the artists)


2- from 02nd to 04th August 2019: ceramic workshop and graphics exhibition.

Garmen Hills will welcome several Bulgarian artists, especially in the field of ceramics.
They will invite visitors to introduce them to their art.
You will be able to work or observe the creative and technological process of clay work. The masters of this art will be in Garmen Hills and will present different techniques: pottery sculpture, modeling, ceramic rope, sculpture.

Guests and participating artists will all be immersed in the magic of clay. Thanks to an old ceramic cooking technology, around the fire, we will observe and discover together the result of clay work.

In this same period, there will be an exhibition of "Modern graphics" - small format. With masters such as Velin Marinchevski, Todor Ovcharov, Veselin Damianov-Ves, Ivan Ninov and maybe more surprises!
The exhibition will stay in Garmen Hills until early September

For children, in addition to the pottery workshops, there will be a jelly workshop organized by two youngsters aged 10 & 12 years old.

It should also be noted that the second edition of the Kovachevitsa Chamber Music Festival will be held from August 2nd to 5th. Http://…/classic-chamber-music-festival-in-kov…
It brings together internationally renowned artists.

This will be two great reasons to visit us this summer!


3- September - October 2019: date to be confirmed. 

An exhibition in the ASTRY gallery will bring together the artists who participated in these events.


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