Annual conference: Government meets business

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We have the pleasure to kindly invite you to
14th Annual Government Meets the Business Conference

Traditionally the agenda of the forum follows the pulse of the events in Europe and Bulgaria and aims to
present the priorities of the Bulgarian government on key economic and political processes.

The topic of the forthcoming edition will be dedicated to the prospects of the global economy, whether
there are the risks for Bulgaria and how they can be avoided.

By the end of this year the world economic growth is expected to be the lowest since the beginning of
the decade and as a result of deteriorating trade relations between China and the US, the insecurity
caused by Brexit and the weak growth in the Eurozone, the production activity and investments to
decrease significantly.

At the same time economies around the world will be increasingly exposed to climate risk,
the need for digitalisation and better prioritization of government financing
which poses another important task for the Bulgarian government.
All event participants will receive a special report about the effects on different business sectors under
several possible scenarios of economic slowdown.

Participation fee: 704 BGN Vat incl.

CCI France Bulgarie members can take advantage of a special 20% discount from the registration fee.

When registering, please enter CCIFranceBulgarie in the “discount code” field on the event website in
order to receive the discount.

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