Education and Business 2017 - conférence

Un évènement de notre membre - Investor Media Group and Bulgaria ON AIR

Education and Business: rEvolution
How to get kids back to school?

November 16th 2017, Sofia
Sofia Hotel Balkan

Education is the major focus of our attention in Investor Media Group and Bulgaria ON AIR as part of it and organizer of the Conference.

In the seventh edition of the Conference in November 2017, we invite lecturers with ideas or projects, related to innovations in education and social development.

Up till now we have confirmation from several of our speakers on the following topics:

Education: Who will make the next revolution?
Medicine: Innovative Teaching Methods
Innovations in Fashion: Building Bridges between Generations
Gaming Industry: Why the Games industry Holds the Key to Kids Future?
The Scandinavian Model: The Liberal Approach
Game-Based Learning
Volunteering in School
Addressing Classroom Aggression
Cinema as Mirror of the of Society and the Questions it Puts before Kids

Moderated by: Donika Rizova, Bulgaria ON AIR. 

Pre-registration: drizova(@)

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