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FDES Service construction products France

FDES is a standardized document for construction products which presents the results of the Life Cycle Analysis of a product as well as health information with a view to calculating the environmental and health performance of the building as part of its eco-design. As January 1st, 2022, it has been a compulsory requirement (only in France) FDES (Construction products) - Inies for the sale of products in order to develop Green and Healthy Buildings. FDES is applicable to all Manufacturers of building materials who sell their products in France.

The declaration is based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study, which evaluates the product’s impact throughout its entire life cycle. Additionally, it provides valuable insights into the potential indoor micro-pollution resulting from the use of the product in question.

The main documents and steps related to FDES process are LCA study for the calculation of the environmental impacts of the product during its life cycle, Integration of the LCA study with health information (e.g. radioactivity testing, metal release tests, etc.), Drafting of FDES document and submission to accredited assessor, Support during verification and validation of the LCA and FDES study, Support during FDES registration and publication in the INIES database.


Télécharger FDES_Support_EN_rev_0_03_2023.pdf  (PDF • 826 Ko) Télécharger FDES_Service__Bureau_Veritas.pdf  (PDF • 522 Ko)

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