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Grand Jazz Nights - Grand Hotel Sofia

On June 17, the tireless trombonist Vili Stoyanov, in the company of loyal companions, started a music cycle entitled Do the Duke.

Although considered one of the most important figures in the history of jazz, Duke Ellington accepted the term "outside any category" as a "liberating principle", and for him, his music belonged to the general category of "American music" and not a specific musical genre. such as jazz. Like Duke Ellington and Vili, music should not be framed. That's why he selects some of the most active musicians, genre-liberated, to recreate the environment in which the composer and pianist Duke Ellington played.

Due to his ingenious use of the orchestra, as well as thanks to his oratory and charisma, Vili Stoyanov is considered one of the people who raise the concept of jazz to an art form, along with other traditional musical genres, and presents it in an extremely accessible and fun way.

In the garden of Grand Hotel Sofia, along with the virtuoso trombonist, you will meet one of the most progressive young pianists - Stanislav Arabadjiev, the most skilled drummer - Atanas Popov and a young but increasingly common name, Daniele Phoebo - double bass.

In some of the editions, there will be various guest soloists who will contribute to the full-blooded and colorful sound of the initiative.

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