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Dear Colleagues,

The experience of the implementation, since 1 January, of the information system for customs management of the border with the United Kingdom (SI BREXIT) has led us to a new communication campaign aimed at transport companies and, more particularly, lorry drivers.

In order to help them with their practical procedures when crossing the border and scanning import documents before boarding ferries or the Channel Tunnel shuttle, French Customs has produced the very simple attached flyer, also available on French Customs website

To enable us to reach lorry drivers from your countries, my colleagues kindly request your support and that of your Capitals to circulate this document to your contacts among transport companies.

We thank you very much in advance for your support !

Monsieur Julien AUTRET
Attaché douanier régional - Regional Customs Attaché
Europe du Sud Est & Balkans - South Eastern Europe & Balkans


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