[Invitation] - Ipsos Webinar: THE YEAR AHEAD - Visions of the Future - Jan 25

REGISTER HERE : 11AM or 5PM Central European Time

45 mins + 10 mins Q&A

25 January 2024


Simon Atkinson

Chief Knowledge Officer, Ipsos

Mike Colledge

President ESG Lead, Ipsos in Canada

Mallory Newall

Vice President, Public Affairs, Ipsos in the U.S.

Ibitayo Salami

Chief Client Officer, Ipsos in Nigeria

The start of a new year is a time for reflection – and optimism. Seven in ten people around the world say things will be better for them over next 12 months than they were in 2023.

Yet the disruptions of recent years have taught us all to be cautious about exactly what lies ahead.

Citizens and consumers face a year of uncertainty. Elections will be held in more than 60 countries, and turbulence is expected. Meanwhile, we see muted consumer optimism, with eight out of ten expecting real incomes to fall in their country.

Our first episode of 2024 is all about setting the scene, as we review the evidence in the light of recent experiences. We do hope you will be able to join us.

On the agenda:

What happens next?: To help us sharpen our scenario planning, we’ve been comparing what we thought the post-Covid era might look like with what we actually see today. What lessons should we take on board as we prepare our strategies for tomorrow? 

The State of America: In this election year, we take a tour of how the U.S. feels right now and build a checklist of what to watch out for. Along the way, we consider how businesses can best adapt to the current social and political environment..

Weathering the Storm: Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy and most populous country. We review how consumers are responding to today’s challenges – and reflect on what brands can do to stay close to people’s needs and aspirations. 

We do hope you will be able to join us.

The sessions will include a Q&A with our presenters.

All KEYS Webinar recordings and presentations are available here.

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