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09 Nov 2023

The term “New Normal” first came to prominence in the wake of the 2008 financial crash, as businesses tried to come to terms with the implications of what just happened. And it returned to the scene in early 2020, as organisations started to imagine what post-pandemic life might look like.

The beginning of the Covid-19 crisis was awash with platitudes. We were “all in this together” in a “world turned upside down” by “unprecedented times”. This was followed by stop-start lockdowns, making predictions even more precarious than usual.

Then, as coronavirus concerns faded, we saw the return of war in Europe and the resurgence of inflation in many parts of the world. Against the backdrop of today’s polycrisis, now feels like a good moment to take stock.

At the next episode of our KEYS webinar series, we will be tuning in to the dynamics of our recent times, looking to diagnose what’s changed – and what’s stayed the same.

We do hope you will be to be able to join us.

On the agenda:

Changing Conversations: We explore how the rules of engagement are evolving, from the perspectives of how people relate to their health and daily routines through to the big questions our societies are now facing when it comes to fake news, disinformation and the power of the algorithm.

Lessons in Leadership: Every organisation is trying to adapt to today’s economic and geopolitical turbulence. How can leaders navigate this level of change and build a high-performance culture? We present the findings of a wide-ranging Ipsos research programme, using data collected from 3 million employee surveys over the last 18 months.

An Emotional Rollercoaster? Consumers around the world have certainly had a fair amount to deal with these last few years: lockdowns, economic uncertainties, cost of living pressures, the realities of climate change. Powered by our Censydiam framework, we look at how deep needs and motivations are shifting expressions, and consider how brands are riding these shifts.

The sessions will include a Q&A with our presenters.

All KEYS Webinar recordings and presentations are available here.

REGISTER HERE : 11AM or 5PM Central European Time


Simon Atkinson

Chief Knowledge Officer, Ipsos


Helena Junqueira

Social Intelligence Lead, Synthesio, Ipsos in Brazil


Ghassan Karian

CEO Ipsos Karian & Box


Cristina Craciun

Global Director Censydiam, Ipsos IUU

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