The New Whistleblower Protection Act

Dear partners,

Deloitte Bulgaria is pleased to invite you to participate in a seminar on "The New Whistleblower Protection Act" to be held on 27 April (Thursday), 10:00 -13:00 h.

The topics to be discussed are:

  • The new Whistleblower Protection Act
    - Scope, concept of whistleblower
    - Obligations for employers
    - Internal and external whistleblowing
    - Protection measures
    - Administrative liability
    - Examples from other countries
  • Whistleblowing and the new non-financial disclosure obligations
  • Deloitte conduct watch - professional solution for identification, processing, investigation and reporting
  • Personal Data Protection
    - Applicable regulatory requirements
    - Practical recommendations and case studies


Our speakers:
A team of lawyers and risk management specialists with experience in whistleblowing and fraud investigation, as well as providing services and training in regulatory compliance and personal data protection, including:

  • Lawyers from Deloitte Legal
  • Experts from the Risk Advisory Department of Deloitte Bulgaria 


The webinar is suitable for:

  • Managers
  • Legal Advisors
  • Data Protection Officers
  • Compliance Officers
  • Internal auditors
  • Other persons involved in the implementation and monitoring of compliance within the organisation


Date and location: 27 April (Thursday), 10:00 - 13:00, Deloitte Bulgaria Office*, 103 Alexander Stamboliiski Blvd., floor 6

Work language: Bulgarian

Participation fee: 90 EUR. In case of two or more participants from the same company, a 10% discount on each participant's fee is provided (prices are exclusive of VAT).

*Seats are limited


For registration: 
To join the seminar, register by sending an e-mail with the names of the participants, their e-mail and the company's invoice details to
adesheva(@)deloittece.com and  htoteva(@)deloittece.com

For questions and further information:

Hristina Toteva – Project Manager "External Communications"
E-mail: htoteva(@)deloittece.com  

Ana-Kamelia Desheva –  Marketing assistant
Е-mail: adesheva(@)deloittece.com

Deloitte Bulgaria Team

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