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Astrea Recruitment - Staff Leasing Quick overview

Astrea Recruitment is a leading Bulgarian HR company with 2 offices in Bulgaria and 1 in Serbia. With more than 13 years of experience Astrea is a proven expert in the following services:

  • High volume recruitment
  • Executive search
  • Staff Leasing
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • Market assessments
  • Outplacement

In times of crisis and uncertainty staff leasing is a service that could help you face the challenges in the new market conditions and allow you to easily make changes in your company’s structure.

What is a Staff Leasing Service?

Staff leasing is a business service where one legal entity hires and provides staff under its payroll management and control to another legal entity. This includes:

  • Preparing labor contracts, job descriptions, workplace rules and payrolls;
  • Keeping labor related records;
  • Termination of labor contracts and partnerships with the respective customer;
  • Preparing documents related to work experience;
  • Calculating salaries and preparing payrolls, carrying out payments to the employees and NRA, providing written references and statements to various institutions.

Why use this service:

  • It reduces your staffing costs – your payroll department would be facilitated or you wouldn’t need a payroll department anymore;
  • It gives you flexibility during hard times – you could easily manage your headcount. You would be able to easily hire and dismiss potential candidates;
  • It gives you the option to keep your staff without keeping your Bulgarian legal entity.

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