#CCIFBMembresDePrès - Pernod Ricard Bulgarie

Nous avons le plaisir de vous présenter notre membre Pernod Ricard Bulgaria impliqué dans la production et la distribution de vins et de boissons spiritueuses de haute qualité dans notre nouvelle série #CCIFBMembresDePrès. 

#CCIFBMembresDePrès #FranceBulgarie

Votre slogan préféré qui vous inspire absolument :) 

Just don’t quit

Décrivez brièvement l’activité de votre groupe/société/ entreprise. 

Production and distribution of spirits and wines. Our main focus remains activation of our portfolio in all sales channels and close interaction with consumers. Pernod Ricard is proud on its Global activities around S&R with clear aim to reduce binge drinking and help improve environment we operate in.

Quels sont les responsabilités principales à votre poste de travail ? 

The creation and strategy definition of new cluster called PR Balkans which comprises of Countries of former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Albania as an important step in the evolution of the Group with aim to build on its solid foundations and provide response to the fast-changing external environment. PR Balkans is a part of our transformational initiatives to ensure that we have the right resources and ways of working to fulfil our ambition to become the global industry leader.

La crise du Covid-19 - un obstacle ou plutôt une opportunité ? 

I am probably no different to others when I say that it represents both. Obstacles are many and they are obvious. Many economies are suffering, people are losing jobs and, overall, becoming more sensitive to any type of spending that goes beyond needs. As regards to opportunities, I strongly believe that any crisis also serves as a filter. It really challenges all status quos and pushes you to explore different things, different solutions and develop different strategies. It also gives you a very straightforward answer on who’s who in your team. Some decisions you were aware of, but held on them till “better” times come, now have to be executed with almost immediate effect. Any company with the right business model will be definitely shaken, but should emerge even stronger. Needless to say that our collective opinion in Pernod Ricard is that we will emerge stronger.

Quel est votre événement préféré organisé par la CCIFB ?

Networking vibe / Meet the new members

Paris ou Sofia?



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