Coface Country Risk Conference 2023 Invitation

On 26th of April, 2023 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at "Hilton" Sofia hotel will be held the 8th Coface Country Risk Conference. This year's event is under the motto: "Stability in Turbulent Times". As a leading international company in the field of risk management and credit insurance, Coface actively implements policies to contribute to economic and social development. We are proud that due to this we create better trading conditions for the business and managed to establish ourselves as the market leader in the country.

One of our important initiatives contributing to the improvement of the business environment is the Annual Risk Management Conference. Coface Country Risk conferences have been held for nearly 30 years in more than 20 countries around the world. In Bulgaria, they have established themselves as an important socio-economic forum that gathers hundreds of business and political representatives and provides answers to many important questions. Given the changes in the world of trade and  business climate, we decided to dedicate the Eighth Coface Country Risk Conference to the theme "Stability in Turbulent Times".

The 2023 program will include a half-day event with several plenary presentations and two panel discussions dedicated to important and useful topics related to the political and economic risks that affect business. What are the prospects for development? What are the biggest concerns and threats we face?

The Coface Chief Economist, Grzegorz Sielewicz, will review and analyze the country risks, and Plamen Dimitrov, Country Manager of Cofsce Bulgaria, will present trending data on sector risk analysis and, respectively, on prospective markets.


You may find all info for the event in on the website, here.

The registration form for the event may be found here.


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