First Masterclass of Motivational Teacher Bob Doyle in Bulgaria

Take part in the first live masterclass of Bob Doyle - one of the consultants in the film - phenomenon The Secret and the author of "Follow Your Passion" and "Wealth beyond Reason." Welcome on May 16 at the Seminar "How to Speed Up Results through the Law of Attraction in a Professional and Personal Plan" where we will learn how to turn our dreams into goals. Information about the event is published on the dedicated site:


The objectives of the seminar are:

•    Defining and transforming dreams into goals and achieving them;

•    Distinguish what we know and what we do not know about the Law of Attraction;

•    How to use your mind to speed up and multiply your results;

•    Building skills to identify toxic thoughts that sabotage the realization of goals;

•    The magic of intuitive action;

•    Approach and practical exercises to assimilate the principles of the Law of Attraction in everyday life.


Bob Doyle is a motivational teacher and creator of the Wealth beyond Reason, a multimedia program devoted to the Law of Attraction and its practical applications. The understanding and proper implementation of these principles brought success to many people. But there are also a few disappointed who, due to misunderstanding or the misconceptions that have arisen about this concept, have not achieved the desired. During his seminar in Bulgaria, Bob Doyle will reveal the essence of this low most important to the happiness of the people and will explain the missing link. These are the small details that, like small stones, turn the car of our success

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