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‘Green’ Pernod Ricard avance vers un modèle de durabilité et de responsabilité de ses produits

Green comes with spring but in Pernod Ricard Group green effort is all-year-round.

We are proud to unveil a set of packaging innovations as part of our 2030 ‘Good Times from Good Place’ Sustainability & Responsibility roadmap for 100% of packaging being recyclable, reusable, compostable or bio-based by 2025

The iconic Swedish Absolut Vodka brand has just reached an important milestone, achieving 50% recycled material within its clear glass bottle four years ahead of target. Absolut paper bottle prototype was launched, marking the brand’s first step to a fully bio-based bottle able to contain spirits. The world’s most awarded gin, Beefeater, just unveiled a new 100% recyclable bottle with an aluminum cap replacing the existing plastic cap. The label moved from plastic to paper, saving over 400 tons of plastic each year. Perrier-Jouët, the Group’s prestige champagne brand, has launched a new eco-designed gift box, entirely made of natural fibers sourced from FSC-certified forests. They are 30% lighter, mineral-oil-free, and fully recyclable.

‘Our Sustainability & Responsibility strategy sits at the heart of our business with circular making as a key pillar. Innovating in packaging is crucial to minimizing our environmental impact. All our brands are committed to this approach. This is about limiting waste and preserving our natural resources by reusing, reimagining, recycling and reducing, adopting a truly circular mindset’, said Vanessa Wright, VP S & R.

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