Ipsos: Invitation Webinar LESSONS FROM INFLATIONARY TIMES, September 22nd

Dear partners,

I am pleased to invite you to the next Ipsos webinar of the KEYS series which theme for September is the change - LESSONS FROM INFLATIONARY TIMES.

Details on the topic, as well as registration buttons for the preferred of the two sessions on September 22nd, can be found in the box below.

In addition, I am sending to your attention some materials about media consumption in Bulgaria, sustainability and advertising, as well as about the early adopters in the current times: https://eutransfer.ipsos.com/link/MlBUJlMZDGpjr9K70IKCtL












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45 minutes

22 Sep 2022



Jennifer Hubber
Head of Global Client Organisation, Ipsos

Simon Atkinson
Chief Knowledge Officer, Ipsos

Jean-Christophe Salles

CEO, Ipsos in Latin America

Aurelie Jacquemin

Chief Growth Officer, Creative Excellence, Ipsos


Laurent Dumouchel

Chief Growth Officer, Brand Health Tracking, Ipsos

Janice Radomsky

Principal, Strategy 3, Ipsos in the US




We continue to grapple with a dynamically uncertain environment, as central banks’ forecasts on inflation are revised upwards and consumer sentiment falls to the lowest levels for some time. For many people around the world, it is the phrase “just about getting by” which best describes their current situation

In our next episode we’ll be exploring how individuals are reacting to today’s fluid and unpredictable situation. We will be taking a moment to reflect on what we have learned from previous inflationary periods. And we will be reflecting on how best to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.  

On the agenda:

Learnings from Latin America: People in many parts of the region have been living with high levels of inflation for years. We take a look at the mindset marketers have had to adopt in recent times, as they refine their approach in line with changes to consumer needs and aspirations.

Communicating Value: Once again, the question of how best to get the message across “in these difficult times” is front and centre. We showcase new Ipsos analysis on how retailers and brands can get the balance right, drawing on the latest evidence and illustrated by examples from recent campaigns.

The Courage to Grow: How does your business find the courage to drive growth in these uncertain and inflationary times? Ipsos has developed a suite of guiding principles and growth strategies to help your brands be successful in this new wave of change.

We do hope you will be able to join us.

Session 2 will be followed by a short Q&A discussion panel with the presenters.






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