Kapital Insights: The most important about the business climate in Bulgaria in English

Knowledge and time are considered the most valuable resources in the modern world. At the same time, the information flow is becoming more and more extensive, and its filtering is more time-consuming. This transforms the sources of selected, high-quality and reliable information a key tool for success.

Kapital Insights is based on the experience and expertise of the most influential business media in Bulgaria-Kapital, to provide foreign readers with carefully selected content, news and analysis of the political and economic life in the country in English.

K Insights aims is to make it easier for all those who follow the development of Bulgaria and the conditions of its business environment to obtain the accurate information needed for decision-making.

What can you find on Kapital Insight in 2022?

  • Content dedicated to business-leading news and analysis of key topics: business news, company profiles, regulations and politics.
  • Weekly newsletter K Insights, which collects the most important in Bulgaria from the last 7 days in short, useful and easy to read format.
  • Several annual reports, dedicated to various sectors of the economy.


Kapital Insights gifts a one-month subscription to the CCIFB members.

Until the end of March, members of the French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry can take advantage of a free monthly subscription to Kapital Insights.

To activate it, enter the promo code here when registering: CCIFB_KI2022

Be sure to subscribe to the free KInsights newsletter to receive the most important from Bulgaria every Friday in your e-mail.

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