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Request a podcast recording in Launchee's professional studio by September 15th and receive a free design!

People love to listen to stories and well-told and captured stories build trust in a brand, a person or an organization. At Launchee, we know that it can be difficult to keep track of all the many details surrounding the organisation of a podcast, so here we share some practical guidelines for recording a podcast in a studio.


📅Apply by September 15th and receive a free professional design!


That's right! If you book a recording with us by September 15th, in addition to reserving a place in our professional studio, you also win a free design package.


What are we offering?

  • A fully equipped high-tech studio
  • High-quality audio and video equipment
  • Different arrangements and decors of the studio
  • Opportunity for a live audience
  • Attractive bundle prices
  • Centrally located in Sofia


📷Let them notice you right away:

Engage your audience right from the design level! Whether you need a new logo or eye-catching looks for social media, our professional design team will help.


💡 Why choose our podcast studio:

Launchee has been designed to meet the needs of podcasters, vloggers and content creators. You will find modern technology with a comfortable and creative atmosphere here. Plus, the free design pack will make you stand out in the diverse podcast landscape.


🎯 How to book:

To book your video podcast recording session and claim your FREE design pack, just visit our website or call us on +359 877 554 800.


The Launchee team

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