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Stream your event from anywhere in Bulgaria with Launchee!

Are you about to have live streaming event, webinar, online conference, seminar or presentation?

Stream your event from anywhere in Bulgaria with Launchee!


Whether you are planning a face-to-face or entirely online event, live streaming will only expand its capacity and capabilities. Event streaming allows you to:

*reach a wider audience by engaging your customers, followers and employees around the world

*reduce logistics costs and restrictions


Livestream from anywhere in Bulgaria with the professional help and equipment of Launchee’s team:



Event preparation & consulting

Branded/customized content

Event promotion support


Video production

Video & audio mixing

Video recording tailored by the specifics and location of the event

Pre-recorded and branded content integration

Multi-platform video feed


Video streaming

Content video sharing from a variety of sources

Sync multiple video conferencing

Real-time translation

Online chat 

Access restriction only for registered users


Plan your next live streaming with Launchee

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