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Tatyana Ivanova and UBB won the Innovation Award in Mr. and Mrs. Economy 2023 Contest

Tatyana Ivanova, Executive Director Digitalization, Data and Operations at United Bulgarian Bank and Innovation Leader of KBC Group in Bulgaria was awarded the prize in the Innovations category of Mr. and Mrs. Economy Contest for Kate, the personal digital assistant in the UBB Mobile app. 

The UBB AI Assistant project won the jury’s vote by thoroughly remodeling banking services for clients. The assistant now services 76% of UBB mobile banking users in 112 different client situations. 

“Our strategic goal is that Kate should unite all channels in a single one framing the vision of digital banking of the future - a new super channel combining direct and end-to-end processes ensuring digital sales, customer experience and consultation in the different phases of the customer journey”, commented Mr. Peter Roebben, CEO UBB and Country Manager of KBC Group in Bulgaria.

“The impressive added value and Kate uniqueness result from the top-notch technological solutions in the field of innovations - her AI uses algorithms fed by the data bases of client interactions combined with various information, stored by the Bank in light of the legal requirements of Bulgarian and European legislation”, Mrs. Tatyana Ivanova explained.

The strongest feature of Kate is the customized assistance she may render each client within the protected environment of UBB Mobile after logging-in into the app.  Kate can provide specific and precise individual information to the client like his/her IBAN, disposable funds in an account, date and amount of a forthcoming installment under a consumer loan and/or a credit card, pending payments under utility bills under personal utility accounts, expiring debit/credit card, e-Vignette, missed installment under a Systematic Investment Plan, checking accumulated credit card bonus points, etc. Interesting statistics proving Kate’s usefulness shows that each fifth proactive proposal by Kate has led to a requested product or service while every third e-Vignette has been purchased in UBB Mobile after an initiated communication by Kate, based on client segmentation and real-time data management.   

UBB digital assistant can also help in other client situations like checking received proceeds and expenses in a bank account for a period selected by the client, or in some critical situations calling for immediate reaction like card blocking or unblocking. This thoroughly distinguishes Kate from standard chat bots giving solely generic information and directing to common product data on the web site while missing the personal touch for the client.

Another highlight of UBB AI Assistant is the self-learning option meaning that Kate gets smarter and smarter after each new conversation with her, something that is not possible with chat bots reacting only based on pre-set scenarios. 

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