UNICEF - Annual summit GIVE 2 GROW

Dear friends,

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the first edition of the annual summit “GIVE 2 GROW”, designed for you by UNICEF and supported by Capital and Dnevnik. Today, more than ever, people and businesses need a mission and a cause, not only to survive in this difficult and challenging environment, but also to grow. The event is featuring the benefits of running a purpose driven businesses, teams and life and some amazing speakers among which is Stephen Shedletzky, Head of Brand Experience, Igniter at Simon Sinek.

This summit is designed to help you understand and adopt the culture of giving in your business and life.

If you are curious to find out how to:

GROW YOUR BUSINESS and why purpose-driven businesses are more successful.

GROW YOUR TEAM and why employees of purpose driven businesses are more engaged and successful.

GROW YOURSELF and why people that give back are better leaders, more successful and happier.

SAVE THE DATE December 11, 2020, 4 p.m. in your calendar.

GIVE 2 GROW promises to feed you with many ideas and positive energy. You will see and hear very inspiring personalities, businesses and stories, as well as practical ideas and tips on how to work and live with a mission and cause.

The GIVE 2 GROW Summit is your personal coach for growing your business and life. Join leaders from the fast-growing companies for intense virtual learning, networking, and idea-generation.

AND MORE: By registering for this event, you can experience the power of giving. The amount collected from the tickets sold will be donated to UNICEF Bulgaria Inclusive Education program for more accessible and comprehensive education for children with special needs.

Digital Pass (1 pass = 1 donation): 70 BGN (VAT excl.)

For each pass purchased you can receive a certificate of donation.

Why giving back makes sense?

„The need to contribute to something larger than ourselves is hardwired into every human being. It gives meaning to life, feeds your soul, and lifts your spirits.“ Tony Robbins

According to Deloitte Insights “Purpose-driven companies witness higher market share gains and grow three times faster on average than their competitors, all while achieving higher workforce and customer satisfaction.”

FACT: 85% of purpose led companies are showing a positive growth and 42% on non-purpose led companies are showing drop in revenue (Global Purpose Index, Imperative)

You can find more details about the event HERE

If purpose is important part of your business and you want to become a sponsor of the event, please get in touch – Mihaelena Damianova,

About the key note speaker:

Stephen Shedletzky is a Head of Brand Experience, Igniter at Simon Sinek. He joined Sinek’s team in 2012. What started as a position answering fan email, Stephen now leads Brand Experience and the team of Igniters to ensure every product, partnership and communication reflects the organization’s most deeply held beliefs. As an Igniter himself, he guides leaders and organizations to adopt the mindset and actions needed to lead in the Infinite Game. A dedicated aide to the Simon Sinek team and those they serve, Stephen is first in line to support those who seek to discover, articulate and bring their WHY to life. With the right mix of passion and professionalism, Stephen was an obvious choice to narrate the audiobook for the 2017 best-seller Find Your Why. He co-hosted the Start With Why Podcast, with more than 715,000 downloads in over 180 countries. Stephen graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business with a focus in leadership, communication and strategy. He brings the message to inspire to people and organizations around the world and serves clients in nearly every industry.

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