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Proxiad SEE wins Best Strategy for Business Sustainability at the 2022 SEE Innovation, Technology and Sourcing Summit

We’re proud to announce that Proxiad SEE won the Best Strategy for Business Sustainability at the 2022 SEE Innovation, Technology and Sourcing Summit organized by the Association for Innovation, Business Excellence, Services and Technology (AIBEST).

The jury based their decision on the many positive changes the company went through in 2021 and the first half of 2022. These include several achievements of ours: the 2021 rebranding and new corporate identity which was a step towards a more contemporary image that better represented us as a company.

However, one of the main changes we implemented in the past year was switching to a hybrid work model that better suited our goal to be a flexible employer that provides our team with the freedom to choose the best work environment for themselves. Our hybrid work model was further strengthened by the fact that we implemented digital employee files and developed several software solutions that facilitated two of the main factors that were impacted by remote work.

One of those solutions was GROW, a performance management system that allows transparent and mutual performance reviews and goal tracking, and the other was Desk Buddy – a workplace management solution for hybrid offices  and cost optimization based on office utilization. In fact, we had the great opportunity to develop and implement Desk Buddy as a digital innovation for our new Sofia office. In August of 2021, we moved to a new location in one of the most luxurious office spaces in the city and a Building of the Year winner. This office space was designed as a hybrid workplace with bookable desks, conference rooms, and parking spaces from day one.

Last but not least, the jury took into consideration the stellar financial results, great employee retention rate and the growth in the number of the Proxiad SEE team members.

We’re incredibly proud of this achievement and the contribution of each and every team member of our company.


About SEE Innovation, Technology and Sourcing Summit and Awards

The SEE ITS Awards distinguish the implementation of best business practices and investments in innovations that enhance the growth and efforts of leaders in the modern business services industry, encompassing companies offering services related to BPO, ITO, KPO, LPO, and HRO.

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